wir landen. demnächst. in berlin.

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Unser Anflug auf Berlin ist immer noch auf der Anzeigetafel. Extrem verspätet zwar aber keinesfalls annulliert. Wir freuen uns auf die Netzpiloten Blogger Lounge und halten euch auf dem Laufenden!

Hallo Berlin!

In diesem Jahr wurde volljährig, Zeit um seine Heimat zu verlassen und Neuland [sic!] zu erkunden. Unser Ziel, wie von so vielen jungen Zeitgenossen, ist Berlin. Im nächsten Jahr wollen wir nach über einem Jahr Planung mit unserer Blogger Lounge ein neues Kapitel Netzpiloten-Geschichte aufschlagen und der hiesigen Blogosphäre einen physischen Raum geben, in dem diese sich treffen, vernetzen, entwickeln und miteinander kooperieren kann.

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„In the north west there will be no significant rainfall over

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The inquiry came after eight other investigations had looked

Birther Taps Benghazi Conspiracy Theorist As Secretary Of State

canada goose clearance sale WASHINGTON President Donald Trump’s pick to lead the State Department is a man who, as canada goose outlet store calgary a congressman, was one of the most aggressive peddlers of conspiracy theories about the 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya. canada goose clearance sale

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Just like in computing standard and mid range limits

‚workforce housing‘ project scores a victory

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The Customer interrupted and stated

canada goose outlet A Swoop Airlines Boeing 737 on display during their media event, Tuesday, June 19, 2018 at John C. Munro International Airport in Hamilton, Ont. The airline will have 45 weekly flights to start, including 24 weekly flights from Hamilton (to Abbotsford, Halifax, Edmonton and Winnipeg), and 27 weekly flights from Abbotsford (to Hamilton and Edmonton). canada goose outlet

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official canada goose outlet As she transitioned from solo ballads under a single spotlight to full ensemble dance numbers and back again, Lettisier was accompanied by brilliant lighting, smoke and sets. While Christine and the Queens‘ show didn’t begin with a curtain swooping open, it ended with a curtain call. As she held hands with her band and dancers to take a bow center stage, canada goose outlet mississauga the night’s show was cemented as more than a mere concert it was a theatrical piece, something as bold and innovative and full throttle as Christine and the Queens‘ last album, something canada goose outlet trillium parka black as unique as canada goose outlet vancouver Lettisier herself.. official canada goose outlet

canada goose factory outlet Are criminals. Regardless of their immigration status they are going to go to prison, Beck said. They ever get out immigration status may become an issue, but it has nothing to do with their arrest today. In one study, canada goose jacket uk a batch of Atlantic Silversides were divided up between three tanks. In the first tank, 90 percent of the largest fish were culled; in the second, 90 percent of the smallest fish were culled; and in the third control tank, they culled fish at random (though presumably the ones that „swam like dicks“ went first). Counter intuitively, it turned out that the second tank ended up having larger fish, over longer periods of time.. canada goose factory outlet

canada goose black friday sale The bishop appeared earnest in his explanations and empathy. So were the monsignors. There is little doubt that they regret years of abuse within the church by clergy and laity alike. Will not let the terrible actions of a few overshadow the incredible commitment and professionalism of tens of thousands of amazing therapists and aestheticians. Please know that we are working tirelessly to tell the Massage Envy story and reinforce our commitment to safety. The amended complaint claims Massage Envy concealed sexual allegations, handling complaints or cases of alleged assault house and allowed accused therapists to remain employed or transferred them to other locations. canada goose black friday sale

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canada goose outlet new york city Similarly, many critics are fond of reaching canada goose outlet in toronto for anecdotal evidence to paint undocumented immigrants as violent criminals. Walter Ewing agrees that these anecdotal stories do not undermine overall statistics, either: „You can find many examples of any particular group of people committing horrible crimes: white men, white women, black men, black women, I mean, everyone. You can find the anecdotes, but that has nothing to do with crime rates.“. canada goose outlet new york city

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canada goose outlet sale Scared Straight has been proven in multiple studies to be a failure. In fact, it has been noted to increase recedivism on the notion of Tannenbaum (1983) theory of Why would we keep throwing tax money into a failing system? Your belief that they are programs is not supported by any evidence, nor do you have any crediability for your opinion. That being said, I do agree with you that diversion programs are important to fund, but why not a program that has been proven to work (via cognitive behaviorial theory, behavior modification, family based therapy)? You are essentially trying to solve a complex issue with a rather simplistic solution. canada goose outlet sale

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canada goose outlet online I agree drought and climate change have on occasions put this under strain, yet not to such an extent that the complete cessation of agriculture, by these families, necessitated. Basic food, nutritional food, was in the past produced, basic diets followed and traditional menus made. The young taught to produce the crops and prepare the food, are now leaving the homes to go to the cities in the hope of enrichment canada goose outlet online.

An easy mode would just take that away and leave the people

It is, however, an insanely impractical style and cut. That type of hair will start to curl and kink within 24 hours or so, depending on activities and humidity. So this cut will only look this good for a very small amount of time, even if you keep the dog inside.

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These are perfect for boaters looking for a light solution

The idea is to give overdue appreciation for the Muslim contribution to the war effort and use the stories of Muslim soldiers to counter Islamophobic and anti immigrantnarratives in Europe and North America.far right activists and sympathizers in Europe say and believe, have never done anything for us,‘ wrote Hayyan Bhabha, executive director of The Muslim Experience. Truth is one which they can’t deny. They (Muslim soldiers) made the greatest sacrifice.

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Canada Goose online They began buy canada goose jacket cheap a regimen of many foot washings and jigger removal. Carrying children, fitting shoes, educating, and playing games to make it at least somewhat enjoyable, was a part of the daily routine. With all the extra hands and loving care from these wonderful people, these children have seen some great results from this AWESOME project. Canada Goose online

buy canada canada goose coats goose jacket That is unacceptable. Our shared goal throughout this summit, and in our ongoing conversations, is to get the information necessary to ensure our police services have the support, tools, and resources they need to keep our roads and communities safe.We remain committed to working with our partners to ensure that illegal cannabis retail stores, such as dispensaries, are shut down as quickly as possible.Today, our focus will be on identifying enforcement strategies that are in place, where gaps may exist, collaboration opportunities between governments, the enforcement community and other partners, and determining what support our government can provide in these areas. We are asking our partners to give us their insight and thoughts on enforcement involving canada goose store drug impaired driving, possession and buy canada goose jacket public consumption, illegal storefronts, and the illicit market.The insight and feedback we receive today will help us deliver a uk canada goose coordinated, multidisciplinary enforcement strategy centred around community safety, with a focus on prevention and diversion.Ontario, safety partners, and First canada goose uk outlet Nations communities canada goose black friday sale look forward to working with the federal government to ensure a safe canada goose and sensible transition to the legalization of cannabis.We want Canada Goose Coats On Sale to thank the federal government for its participation in today’s discussion. buy canada goose jacket

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The other group is dressed as a wall plastered with the slogan

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